VE Testing

ARRL VE Testing





The Lake County Amateur Radio Association will be holding its 2018 Amateur Radio license exams at the Kirtland Public Library located at 9267 Chillicothe Rd. on the following dates:


Saturday, February 3rd

Saturday, April 7th

Saturday, June 2nd

Saturday, August 4th

Saturday, October 6th

Saturday, December 1st


This bi-monthly schedule is the first Saturday of every even-numbered month (e.g., February being the second month, etc.), and will be held at the Kirtland Library, 1.7 miles south of I-90 on Route 306. The library is on the left, immediately after the Marathon gas station.The tests will start at 12 noon. Please arrive a few minutes earlier.

To register, you will need the NCVEC 605 Form, which will be available at the test. If you would like to complete one ahead of time, be sure it is the Sept 2017 version or later. You can find it by Googling “NCVEC quick-form 605” and clicking on the url for the pdf of the form.

Be sure to bring the original and a copy of both your license and any CSCEs you may have to the exam. The cost is $15.00, and if you wish to pay by check, it should be made out to the ARRL/VEC. Identification is also necessary, such as a picture ID. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Farnham, KO8O, at (440)256-0320, or

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