The Lake County Amateur Radio Association (LCARA) is an organization of FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators and is affiliated with the ARRL as a Special Services Club, also ARES and SkyWarn for Lake County. Our goal is education and fostering the advancement of Amateur Radio through mentoring (Elmers), licensing and regular VE testing exams. We are headquartered at the Lake County History Center where we maintain a fully functional radio station including a display of many ham related artifacts.


The Association operates three FM repeaters that cover all of Lake County, Ohio, under the call-sign N8BC.


Operational activities include weekly VHF Nets, a 10 Mtr. HF Net, QRP Party in the Park, NVIS Day, ARRL Field Day, the annual Ohio State Parks on the Air event, as well as ARES activations and Public Service events.


Each month we publish a newsletter called “The Patch”. This publication summarizes club news, activities and contains columns from both members and nonmembers on subjects pertaining to the hobby and general interest and is available for download.


The Association meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 19:30. The meeting location is listed on this site and is also announced in “The Patch”. These meetings allow you to keep up to date on club activities, meet new Hams, exchange information, and to get involved with the club’s activities and many other aspects of building, operating, maintaining and improving your station.


Please explore this site and if you have any questions or comments fell free to contact any of the club officers, or leave us your question or comment.



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